Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Our American Government

Here's a FEW of the recent items / shenanigans / illegal / treason / activities going on in America & in #Unfit4Prez's #Kakistocracy.

May 9, 2017

  • #Unfit4Prez fires FBI Director James Comey

May 10

  • Russians do Happy Dance in Oval Office with #Unfit4Prez grinning widely.   
  • Russians were invited there because Pukin asked #Unfit4Prez to do so.

May 11

  • In TV interview, #Unfit4Prez admits publicly that he fired Comey because of the Russia/Trump investigation.

May 15

  • Reports that #Unfit4Prez provided 'code-word' top secret, compartmentalized (only a handful of US citizens allowed with this info) intelligence to the Russians in the Oval Office.

May 16

  • #Unfit4Prez complains about leakers; obviously forgetting that HE leaked top secret intelligence to Russia.   
  • But, the #kakistocracy says it's OK, because if the Prez says it, it's no longer 'classified' !!!

May 17

  • The US Deputy Atty General (because the Attorney General appointed by #Unfit4Prez had to recuse himself) finally grew some & announced a Special Counsel to investigate Trump/Russia & other matters.
  • A secret recording with Paul Ryan described a house member saying he thought Russia was paying Trump.   The first response was that the conversation didn't occur.   Then, after they found out there was a recording, then it became 'just a bad joke'.

May 18

  • #Unfit4Prez told the Russians in the Oval Office that he fired Comey who was 'crazy, a nut job' and that firing him 'took the pressure off' #Unfit4Prez !

May 20

  • #Unfit4Prez bowed to the Saudi king to get a medal draped on him (which he bitched Obama out for doing) AND THEN, performed a cute little girl 'curtsy' !

May 22

  • After arriving in Israel, #Unfit4Prez states he just left the middle east to visit Israel.   Israel IS in the middle east.
  • The WH released a document that stated: Promote the possibility of lasting peach

And for good measure a link to the

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Very Dark Days in America

The last few days have brought back the same levels of despair I found on November 9, 2016.

First the firing of FBI Director, James Comey.  Yeah, he screwed up a number of times.   But THIS was THE guy in charge of the Russia/#Unfit4Prez connections.

Regardless of the #Kakistocracy's spin here, it is pretty obvious that #Unfit4Prez fired Comey to tamp down the investigation of himself, his associates and Russia's influence in and leading up to the November 8, 2016 election.   And, if so, that in and of itself is obstruction of justice.

The Comey termination was followed up the very next day by #Unfit4Prez allowing Russia to do the Happy Dance in the Oval Office of the President of the United States of America.   Celebrating like they just pulled off a bloodless coup.   Followed by, the Russians gloating over Comey's termination.   And, then compounded by allowing only Russian Press/(Spies) into the meetings & Oval Office with no United States Press being allowed to attend.   And, the explanation from OUR WH was that the meetings took place because #PukinsPuppy WAS ASKED by Pukin over the phone to have the meeting!

Truly:   Disgraceful and an insult to each and every American.

And, still getting worse is the response by most Repubs in Congress.   Oh, the Russian thing and the investigation raises some 'concerns'.

Concerns?   dafuj?   You bet your sweet ass there are 'concerns', but apparently not enough to call for a Special Prosecutor.   #SoldTheirSouls.

Yeah, Repubs are 'concerned' that a foreign government tampered with United States elections; may have bought & paid for the #FakePrez & his associates, that this #kakistocracy is full of 1%'ers who are in charge of agencies that they have vested business interests in?   Yup: 'Concerned'!

Sorta like putting the fox in charge of the hen house.   Consistently.   Yeah, but just 'concerns'.

America is closer to being lost as an independent country, a republic and a democracy than any time during my entire 7 decades here.

Will likely be posting some stuff to read in the next while.   But we can start with these:

  • Dan Rather's Facebook post that begins: "Future generations may mark today as one of the truly dark days in American history..." which you can read here.
  • Bill Moyers & Michael Winship's article titled: "Donald Trump Is Attempting a Coup — We Must Have a Special Prosecutor - The firing of FBI Director James Comey makes an independent investigation of Trump and Russia more important than ever." which you can read here.
  • The New York Times Editorial Board has an editorial titled: "An Open Letter to the Deputy Attorney General - Rod Rosenstein has more authority than anyone else to restore Americans’ confidence in their government" which you can read here.

We The People:  #Resist.

“that government of the people, by the people, 
for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Gun Violence

Yeah.   It's here.   Everyday.   Everywhere.

Most of the media is about Chicago.   Then again......

MyStateline has a report by Owen Stiffler  titled: "Innocent Bystander In Critical Condition After Gunfight on Street - One person critically hurt in car-to-car shooting." which you can read here.   And see a video.
[  It's Everywhere.  ]

Couple of programs seem to help.   But get little or no funding these days.

Ceasefire is here.    Research the stats.   #Unfit4Governor killed these funds in IL.

The Washington Post has an article by  Lauren Dockett titled: "This innovative program uses brain science to teach Chicago teens how to stop violence" which you can read here.   CHILL is here.   And, there are others.   De-escalation.

The Chicago Tribune has an article by Manya Brachear Pashman titled: "'Never lose hope,' pope writes to Chicago families stricken by violence - Cardinal Blase Cupich, archbishop of Chicago, speaks about the Archdiocese of Chicago’s anti-violence initiatives April 4, 2017, at Peace Corner Youth Center in Chicago's South Austin neighborhood." which you can read here.

One at a time: One person; one donation to help.   And, work towards solutions.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

America's Kakistocracy Part 1

Should you ever doubt, Here's where we're at:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A kakistocracy (English pronunciation: /kækɪsˈtɑkɹəsi/) is a state or country run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens.   The word was coined by English author Thomas Love Peacock in 1829.

  • Nearly 200 years ago & now a prefect fit.

You need real facts.

  • A FEW examples in no particular order.

#Prez6YearOld's vocab:  'bigly', 'wire tapp', 'honored', 'leightweight chocker', 'honer', 'Barrack Obama', 'Bobby Night'.   

More?   LOL.

#Spicy Is Lying About Trump’s Health-Care Debacle is here.

#Spicy: Trump didn't mean wiretapping when he tweeted about wiretapping is here.   

  • Yeah, words no longer have ANY meaning in DC or America!   Or at least NEW meanings to suit themselves!   Howz bout that?

Donald Trump unaware Michael Flynn was a 'foreign agent', #Spicy says which is here.   

  • AMAZING how #Unifit4Prez NEVER knows ANYTHING about the bad shit that's happening around him.   HE IS the freakin' Prez!   Scary.

Insurance 101 For Paul Ryan: The Healthy Are Supposed To Help Pay For The Sick is here.

  • Freaking Clueless Moron.   #SoldHisSoul to #Unfit4Prez.

Wan't more?   Keep tuning in.....   This is JUST WAY too easy.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The America I Know....

....That I Know & Love.   And want back from DC.   

Need some inspiration these days?   Try this.

The Washington Post has an article by  Amy B. Wang titled: "This teenager was walking for hours to and from work — until a police stop changed his life" which you can read here.

Friday, February 24, 2017






Sunday, February 5, 2017

SNL & More

Well, if you are 'loving' the current USA Administration, about like me, check out a few recent Saturday Night Live videos:

Also, saw an article today the Unions are supporting the current #Unfit4Prez, #Prex6YearOld.   Here's a couple more.   But, then, Unions should keep in mind:

  •  The IL REPUB Gov has been attempting to kill off Public Employee Unions constantly for 2 years now.   #BillionaireBrucie is a totally inexperienced politician
  • The WI REPUB Gov drastically reduced collective bargaining rights for Public Employee Unions several years ago. 

  • The White House?   America  has another totally politically inexperienced REPUB #Stroke politician.   Just Like the IL Gov.  
  • Don't count your chickens quite yet, Union Members.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Why Even Have a Country in the First Place?

I noodle around the Internet pretty much daily.   Came across a couple of items on the Mother Jones Website.

One commentary by Rebecca Gordon caught my eye and has had a profound impact on me.   It's titled: "Why Even Have a Country in the First Place?
It is a long read, and you must read it here.

[  Another Blogsite which I've done for about 13 years has had about 2 dozen 'Must Reads' articles, or about two a year.   Here is the very first one on jerryd's blog bog.  ]

I'm old.   Never been someone called an 'activist'.   But.   The direction the State of Illinois has been headed for two years now, and the direction that our country America is headed now is unacceptable to me.   
Ms. Gordon's discussion requires me to do something.   I won't be here all that long.   But for others; younger folks; the next generations of folks.   So, I WILL get involved, working to get back to the Illinois and the America I know, remember and love.   Maybe you should too.   

I am not prepared to turn the country over to only white-males; not ready to turn the country over to bigots; white supremacists; not ready to turn the country over to intolerance of women; those of color; those who don't care about people in poverty; those hwo hate different religions; to bullys.   You get the idea.

WHAT DO WE WANT AMERICA TO BE?   It's up to us; but we must work for it.   Each of us.

We've lost civility in the USA.   Kids 'role models' - State and national governments and politicians act like bullys; like the only 'truth' is what they spew and believe.   Negotiation is no longer possible; not a solution.   Any different thought is worthless.  

I remember Everett Dirksen from IL; a true Statesman and here.   Now?   Gone, all gone.  Name a current Statesman; in IL or nationally.

We wonder why kids have no respect for others; for life at all.   What do they see everyday from our 'leaders'?   At every level?

We've now reached the stage of 'Alternate Facts' !!!!!   Sorry.   A fact is a fact.   No matter how someone spins it.

An Alternate Fact is .... wait for it ..... a lie.   It is NOT a simple matter of perspective.

Waterboarding is swell; cozying up so our Prez can be Putin's Puppy; a bunch of billionaires running IL and the country - clueless about everyday Americans;  clueless about government; clueless about negotiating and working with others; people in charge of OUR country coming in with positions that are abhorrent to the organizations they will 'lead' IS UNACCEPTABLE to me.

How about you?   Maybe it's time for a lot MORE of us to get involved.   Take the time.   Read the article.   

And, let me know.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Couple of Testimonials

We've had good success with a couple of products.

Living in north central IL over the years, we get a variety of winter weather.   Not infrequently, we get glaze ice or a heavier coating of ice.   It is no fun to slip and fall at any age, but much less exciting as we've aged.   This year, we've had about 3 straight weeks of on and off ice.   

We found something called YakTrax.   It slips on to shoes or boots & has spiral criss-cross wires on the bottoms.   We've worn out one pair & got new ones this year.   These work great for us, but are not for indoor walking, tile, etc.   We still need to be careful walking, they are not fool proof, but far better than slipping, sliding and falling.   Can get them online for about $20 a set.   Absolutely well worth it for us.

CPR Call Blocker, model V202.
We have an answering machine & always let it pick up calls regardless if we're home or not.   Our message says: 'Leave a message or don't call back.'   

But, of course, some fools do: No message; then call again and again.  Gets WAY tiresome if you spend a good deal of time at home.   Found a product called CPR Call Blocker.   Blocks up to 1200 numbers.   You do need caller ID.   Has a big red button that says: 'Block Now'.   And, it does!   Easy to connect for us; easy to use & best of all, IT WORKS.   Pricey; something under $100 and available online.

Got it; and loved it immediately.   Blocked call comes in; rings once & disconnects the call.  Told our  neighbor about it & they got one, same reasons & they love it.   Posted this on the DONE forum a while back & got a message from another Retiree that they found it great too.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Grand American Experiments

We've seen that many people want 'CHANGE'!

But as you hear a lot here, originally from Bob H:  "Every decision has its consequences."   Folks always assume that the consequences will be good, but frequently, some very negative, bad and unintended consequences arrive too.   CHANGE ain't always good.

We've had 'CHANGE' in IL.   We got Rauner; AKA #FailedILGovernor #BillionaireBrucie #Ruiner as noted on Twitter.   Government is failing in IL.   Rauner.

We got a totally inexperienced billionaire #Stroke with NO government experience as a so-called governor.
  And, as we'e all seen over the last year and a half, he IS no governor, he is our Governot.   

Government in IL has gotten worse by virtually every measure:

  • Only State without a budget
  • No budget in 2 years.
  • Bond ratings dropping precipitously
  • Unpaid bills to vendors up fro $4 Billion to $10 Billion
  • Pension deficit up from $100 Billion to over $135 Billion
  • Non profit help agencies for poor, disabled, mentally ill dramatically downsizing or closing with no budget

Got elected because he was not Quinn.   Great.   Now we have #FailedILGovernot #Ruiner.

Not bad enough?

America just recently elected totally inexperienced billionaire with NO government experience as a so-called Prez 
He got elected because he wasn't Hillary.  

AND SO, THE USA HAS MULTIPLIED IL TIMES 50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

God love us all.

Pray for Illinois.   Pray for America.   It apparently ain't gonna get any better until the folks figure this out.    And, it may take a while.   UNFortunately, it's too late for now.   

So, how many Repubs are thinking Impeachment yet?   If not, ya'all better start thinking quickly.   Ferris Bueller:'Life moves pretty fast.'   LOL and crying.   

Thursday, January 5, 2017

DONE is now Semi-Retired

DONE was a Website for some IDOT Retirees in IL.   It closed down in November, 2016, but now has come back to life in another form.   Based on an email & some further thinking, it occurs that some IDOT related items still are relevant.   And may be of interest to some D1 Retirees.   So, DONE is going from being Done to Semi-Retired.   Info about Retirees, IDOT, transportation, pensions, insurance, budget, and things IL will be shown here. Come back & take a look if you used to visit DONE.