Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Couple of Testimonials

We've had good success with a couple of products.

Living in north central IL over the years, we get a variety of winter weather.   Not infrequently, we get glaze ice or a heavier coating of ice.   It is no fun to slip and fall at any age, but much less exciting as we've aged.   This year, we've had about 3 straight weeks of on and off ice.   

We found something called YakTrax.   It slips on to shoes or boots & has spiral criss-cross wires on the bottoms.   We've worn out one pair & got new ones this year.   These work great for us, but are not for indoor walking, tile, etc.   We still need to be careful walking, they are not fool proof, but far better than slipping, sliding and falling.   Can get them online for about $20 a set.   Absolutely well worth it for us.

CPR Call Blocker, model V202.
We have an answering machine & always let it pick up calls regardless if we're home or not.   Our message says: 'Leave a message or don't call back.'   

But, of course, some fools do: No message; then call again and again.  Gets WAY tiresome if you spend a good deal of time at home.   Found a product called CPR Call Blocker.   Blocks up to 1200 numbers.   You do need caller ID.   Has a big red button that says: 'Block Now'.   And, it does!   Easy to connect for us; easy to use & best of all, IT WORKS.   Pricey; something under $100 and available online.

Got it; and loved it immediately.   Blocked call comes in; rings once & disconnects the call.  Told our  neighbor about it & they got one, same reasons & they love it.   Posted this on the DONE forum a while back & got a message from another Retiree that they found it great too.

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