Saturday, January 7, 2017

Grand American Experiments

We've seen that many people want 'CHANGE'!

But as you hear a lot here, originally from Bob H:  "Every decision has its consequences."   Folks always assume that the consequences will be good, but frequently, some very negative, bad and unintended consequences arrive too.   CHANGE ain't always good.

We've had 'CHANGE' in IL.   We got Rauner; AKA #FailedILGovernor #BillionaireBrucie #Ruiner as noted on Twitter.   Government is failing in IL.   Rauner.

We got a totally inexperienced billionaire #Stroke with NO government experience as a so-called governor.
  And, as we'e all seen over the last year and a half, he IS no governor, he is our Governot.   

Government in IL has gotten worse by virtually every measure:

  • Only State without a budget
  • No budget in 2 years.
  • Bond ratings dropping precipitously
  • Unpaid bills to vendors up fro $4 Billion to $10 Billion
  • Pension deficit up from $100 Billion to over $135 Billion
  • Non profit help agencies for poor, disabled, mentally ill dramatically downsizing or closing with no budget

Got elected because he was not Quinn.   Great.   Now we have #FailedILGovernot #Ruiner.

Not bad enough?

America just recently elected totally inexperienced billionaire with NO government experience as a so-called Prez 
He got elected because he wasn't Hillary.  

AND SO, THE USA HAS MULTIPLIED IL TIMES 50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

God love us all.

Pray for Illinois.   Pray for America.   It apparently ain't gonna get any better until the folks figure this out.    And, it may take a while.   UNFortunately, it's too late for now.   

So, how many Repubs are thinking Impeachment yet?   If not, ya'all better start thinking quickly.   Ferris Bueller:'Life moves pretty fast.'   LOL and crying.   

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