Thursday, February 1, 2018

We've lost some things in America. And we're the worse for it.

-A- Prescription for America - Some Thoughts.     9/4/17     

Attacks on America from within & from outside leave us vulnerable.   And    with all the acrimony in politics, social media and cultural differences these days, its hard to remember that we are all more alike than we are different.   We are all people. 

I'm old.  Grew up in Chicago.  At 7 & 8 years old, walked a mile to school past a high school by myself every day.  No worries, no issues.  A few years ago, students got into an argument outside that high school & a shooting took place.  Way different than my childhood.

These days a lot of attention is placed on testing in schools.  But we really need kids to learn citizenship.  And that seems missing.  We need kids from early on to learn about some things regularly; not just once.  We expect this to be done by parents, but that isn't working as it needs to be.

This is a big order, but:  
School Curriculum's nationwide need to be standardized to include these topics:

  • American history. Why we exist.
  • Respect.  Yourself & others.   Attitude.
  • Morality.  What is it?   How do we show it?
  • Personal Responsibility for yourself & your actions.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Continuing civics, democracy.
  • Our Constitution, bill of rights, amendments
  • Conflict resolution, Ways to de-escalate arguments, Over-reacting
  • Cultural differences.   Tolerence, of others & different ideas
  • Working w/ others, teamwork
  • Resolving problems & differences
  • How to compromise & why it's important
  • World political systems, what each brings
  • What is democracy & what it means to us
  • Hazing, bullying & why it's damaging & wrong

These need to be incorporated & stressed & repeated from grades 1-12.
No years off.  No waivers.  No excuses.

We need to get Our America back on track.

As Walt Kelly's Pogo stated:  
"We have met the enemy and he is us".

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Decisions Have Consequences

Every decision has its consequences.   Folks generally expect (hope) that their decisions will result in outcome they desire.   But frequently, decisions come with unintended consequences that turn out to result negative or very bad consequences.

Negative consequences are more likely if decisions, the pros and cons, are not thoroughly researched and carefully thought out.

Our America is under attack.   First, it was attacks on our election system by Russia, an outside government.   Today, America began to be under attack internally by Congress.   Today, Repubs in the Senate & House are calling the investigation into Russian hacking #FakeNews and are attacking #LawEnforcment and the @FBI and the #Mueller Special Counsel investigations.   

Our American government's decision-making is also in crisis.   Since January 20, 2017, Our America's decision making has been hap-hazard and worse.   Norms, customs and policies that have been carefully developed over 7 or more decades have tumbled down as irrelevant.   High-level decision makers in our government's #kakistocracy have regularly brought biases and conflicts of interest into their jobs and decision making.   [ A kakistocracy is a state or country run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens. ]

Some impacts:   Trade agreements? - nah.   Climate change? - nah.   Financial regulations? - nah.   NATO? - nah.   Immigrants? - nah.   Diplomacy? – nah.   Transgender? – Nah.   Nah, nah, nah: Don't want them; don't need them.

The fabric of Our America is being torn and continually deconstructed every single day.

Our #Unfit4Prez attacks people, organizations and policies at the drop of a hat, frequently in anger.   With those attacks come 'policy decisions' that are shot from the hip, with no consultation and no research.   No thought of what the ramifications nor negative outcomes that may accompany those 'policy decisions'.

Further, those decisions come from a mentally unstable person with a 3 year old mentality.   No sense of history; no sense of why old policies exist.   A guy that wandered blankly off in a meeting with Israel's leader; a guy who couldn't find his limo parked directly at the end of the steps of his plane & wandered off again.   No concern at all about this 'decider-in-charge.

That has created 'policy decisions' by Russian Roulette.   Each decision coming from one of the handful of most powerful people on Earth, has the ability to create a catastrophe, not only for Our America, but possibly the world as well.   So far, Our America has been lucky with this version of Russian Roulette.   But, eventually, someone will spin to the single live load and BOOM!   Disaster; catastrophe; the Point of No Return.

Two entities could possibly alter the course of Russian Roulette that Our America is on.   Unfortunately, neither is taking any immediate action to remove this cancer from Our America's Government.   While this cancer grows and metastasizes every single day.

First, the party in charge, the @GOP, now more properly called #SOAP: the Sold Out America Party has no interest in reigning in the continuing insanity.   They go along, bullied, afraid of their shrinking 'base' voters and some likely complicit or compromised.    They're willing to put up with their flip-flopping #FakePrez as long as they get SOME policy WINS!   So what if some of the 15 Million the @gop takes medical care from die?   Regardless of the impacts on Our America.   The GOP do have two solutions: the #25thAmendment, which allows for removal when the Prez is unfit and #Impeachment.

Second, is #LawEnforcement.   That includes Federal agencies: @FBI, @CIA, @ODNIgov, @NSA, @DefenseIntel, State Attorney Generals like New York's @AGSchneiderman and the Special Counsel, #Mueller.   The problems here are many.   The Special Counsel can be fired to end the investigation of the Russian attacks on our elections.   As reported to date, investigations involve individuals in or involved with our Government and numbers a dozen or more.   Investigations of companies in America and elsewhere number in the 10's, maybe up to 100 or so.   Investigations of other individuals related to the administration and companies numbers in the hundreds.   Thousands of leads need to be followed, and these leads increase with information gained through ongoing investigations.   If the goal is to complete all investigations before criminal charges are brought forward & made public, a decade or more may be needed.

All the while, our #NutBall, mentally deficient #ManChild President and his #kakistocracy continue the 'decision making' process of Russian Roulette.   Pushing Our America closer and closer to the Point of Now Return to complete disaster and catastrophe.

SO the choices, call them decisions, are:

@GOP:   Wake up; #GrowSome, #ManUp and start putting Our America first, not your agenda; not Russia; not this Russian Roulette insanity.   Unlikely after the start of attacks today.

#LawEnforcment:   HURRY!   Take a bite at a time; complete a few investigations to the point of bringing criminal charges to stop this Russian Roulette insanity.   Before the Point of No Return arrives, where ALL investigations will be moot.

A #MilitaryCoup or # CivilWar.

Capitulating to Russia.

Stop the madness.   Stop the insanity.   Before we reach the Point of No Return.   HURRY.   We owe it to Our America!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Parallels in Government

Some Parallels between governments in

IL & DC and those so-called 'leaders'.


  • IL:    Refuses to consider increasing taxes on 1%'ers who can afford it by 'starving the beast' of non-profits who help Illinoisans.
  • DC:  Wants to increase tax breaks for 1%'ers who don't need them by killing Americans.


  • IL:    Successful at giving orders & accumulating (?) wealth; at cost to some: Nursing home ownership.

  • DC:  Successful at accumulating (?) wealth; at cost to some: A series of bankruptcies that screw others, as well as refusing to pay for work done.


  • IL:    Doesn't care about those needing help that his positions & decisions harm, forcing closure of many non-profits.  F 'em, he says.
  • DC:  Happy to take health care away from 20 Millions of Amdericans, some who will die as a result.   F 'em, he says.

Angry, my way or no way; Refusal to face facts:
  • IL:    Raunner has insisted for 2 1/2 years that HIS reforms were mandatory; tho they could not solve IL finances.   He does not care about IL.

  • DC:  McConnell wants a win; no matter the cost.   Like Raunner, he DOES NOT CARE about Our America.   Nor does #Unfit4Prez who gives top secret info to Russia.

Can't govern
  • IL:    Raunner spent 2 1/2 years blaming EVERYBODY else; can't #DoHisJob.   Failure.

  • DC:  Clueless Unfit4Prez sits in OUR Oval Office daily ranting about  .....  well, almost everything.   Failure.

Can't negotiate nor compromise
  • IL:    Never reaches out to the IL GA Members.   Just criticizes, blames & demonizes.  Threatens.
  • DC:  Never reaches out to the Congressional Members.   Just criticizes, blames & demonizes.  Threatens.

Loves the 1%'ers over the rest of their constituents
  • IL:    Refuses to consider increasing taxes on 1%'ers who can afford it.   By screwing those in need.
  • DC:  Wants decreasing taxes on 1%'ers who can afford to pay it.   By killing Americans with his DeathCareAct.

Can't learn
  • IL:    Raunner spent 2 1/2 years learning nothing; gets PO'd real easily & always strikes back.
  • DC:  Unfit4Prez spent 6 months learning nothing; gets PO'd real easily & always strikes back.

'Projection'; always somebody else's fault for their shortcomings & failures
  • IL:    It's always Madigan.  Didn't work.   So, get a new worse staff to REALLY F 'em.   Now it's the 'Staff'!    Never Raunner.

  • DC:  It's always the Media; the Dems; the Dark State; Fake News.   Never Unfit4Prez.

Vindictive, Child Like
  • IL:    Tried to bribe Repubs in GA into submission.  Lost the override; Raunner wants to setup primary candidates to squash the IL Patriots voting for budget.
  • DC:  With Unfit4Prez's blessing, McConnell bribes  Senators to vote for the Repub TrumpDeathCare bill to get a WIN.

Winning !
  • IL:   WINNING is everything; does not care about damage nor consequences.
  • DC: WINNING is everything; does not care about damage not consequences.

Peas in a Pod
  • IL:   Clueless, Thin Skinned, Vindictive, Child in Man's Body Projectionist.
  • DC:   Clueless, Thin Skinned, Vindictive, Child in Man's Body Projectionist.

Ain't it Freaking Great?   
Incompetents,  probably Traitors 
in both IL and DC.

F 'em all   THIS IS Our America !

Help Take It Back from Russia
#Resistance     #TeamPatriot

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Our America: An Open Letter to America's Government and Citizens

Our America Today:

Wars.   Up to 21st century, all have been physical & easy to identify.   Physical destruction, human injury, death, weapons of destruction, planes, bombers, arms.

People have talked about World War 4 as being a nuclear war.   Actually, a nuclear war in this era will be World War Last.   Why? Too many states possess nukes.   America, Russia, N Korea, China, Pakistan, India, likely Israel & possibly Iran.   Once this starts, there'll be no going back.   No braking mechanism.   The world today is not the world of the first nukes of 70 years ago.

So what?   I believe America is already involved in World War 3.   Not at all obvious: no physical destruction like in Syria; no deaths; no physical injuries; no physical weapons involvement.

But, World War 3 is far more insidious.   This war is totally psychological.   Changing mind sets.   Unleashing the demons within each of us.   Dividing us & turning us within America against each other.   Changing & destroying the fabric of America that has been built & nourished over decades and generations.   An America that has been built by the sacrifices of generations of female & male Patriots.

All those sacrifices will be lost if Our America turns into an authoritarian, totalitarian, fascist regime that dictates our lives.    We've seen this turning in 2017.  

America has an unstable President with no real values, no world view, and no policy foundations.   A person who has demonstrated a sleazeball personality for his entire life.   On who declares bankruptcy for personal gain.   One who enriches himself & family in the Presidency.   One whose financial ties are a three dimensional spider web of cross connections, many with unseemly and criminal elements.   There are reports that he and a number of cohorts have been compromised.

The President has filled a few high level government jobs with people who have vested interests in the areas they're in charge of! And many are fully incompetent.   The word that appropriately and perfectly describes this so-called 'administration' is kakistocracy:  A kakistocracy is a country run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens coined by Thomas Love Peacock in 1829.

We've also seen the turning of America in 2016.   The SCOTUS decision on Citizens United in 2010 unleashed an environment where huge sums of money can effectively buy elections by the highest bidder.   Huge sums of money into campaign PACs, control, buy or at least influence politicians, more than lobbyists.   The concept of 'government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.' by John Wycliffe in 1384 and quoted in Lincoln's Gettysburg address has been lost, apparently forever.

It is clear that Russia interfered with our election process.   Russia hacked into a number of states election authorities & was able to access/download data.   Russia apparently used sophisticated psychological messaging to influence voters.   Social media was used, along with millions of fake accounts, to spread false & misleading information as fake news.   There was a concerted effort to suppress voters.   Key social media platforms like Twitter & Facebook are unconcerned about the takeovers of their platforms by fake accounts and bots.

These 'active measures' are solely intended to weaken America, weaken our resolve and make Americans more compliant with autocratic thinking.   To suit their purposes.

There is anecdotal evidence that companies linked to Russia & likely the GOP created huge databases of psychological profiles of Americans to be used in targeting very specific spot-on messages to small groups of people to influence their votes.   These companies are reported to have been involved in influencing the Brexit vote, making this a world war.

I have been using the phrases 'turning point' and more precisely, 'the point of no return' as it applies to  climate change.   We see it happening.   Some don't believe its caused by humans, even with the overwhelming body of evidence.   The idea is that by the time we & the world recognize, accept & change our behavior, we may be past the point of no return.   A point that, no matter what we all do to mitigate it, we will not be able to reverse it.    Then, the descent increases rapidly to a disastrous end.   This reverse bell shaped curve illustrates the concept.

 Has America's political history reached this point already?   Certainly a possibility.   There is little to no statesmanship in the vein of Everett Dirksen.   There is no negotiating, no compromising, positions hardening, violence being encouraged, constant disagreements.   Rational thought seems a thing of the past.   Civility is gone.

What can be done? Clearly, there are few easy answers, nor quick fixes, to Save Our America.    But here's my idea of a start.

Ø     America needs a program with some bipartisan leaders that begin to cool the rhetoric & demonstrate a role model for people to identify with and emulate.   They need to lead Americans to start thinking of America First.   Issues second.   They need to demonstrate good faith compromise & negotiation.

Ø     America needs to immediately add civics standardized and mandatory curriculums in every school which need to include these topics:

o     American history.   Why we exist.
o     Other forms of governments, pros & cons.
o     Respect.   Yourself & others.
o     Continuing civics
o     Our Constitution, bill of rights, amendments
o     Conflict resolution
o     Cultural differences.
o     Tolerance, of others & different ideas
o     Working w/ others, teamwork
o     Resolving problems & differences
o     How to compromise & why it's important
o     World political systems, what each brings
o     What a democracy is & what it means
o     Hazing, bullying & why it's damaging
o  Ways to de-escalate arguments, over-reacting
o     Attitude
o     Critical thinking

This education needs to begin in first grade and go through high school.   Portion topics out as they build on each other.   And this needs to continue throughout college.   Some will say there isn't time for these additions.   Look at where America is today without this education.

Ø     America needs to immediately ramp up defenses in many areas, not just elections, but that is crucial.  

Ø     America needs to analyze infrastructure to harden it from hackers.   An example is an eastern US company that provides equipment that directly links to our power grid.....owned by a Russian with a questionable background.

Ø     America needs to pursue exactly what occurred to our election apparatus & harden it to prevent a repeat occurrence from 2016.   These attacks will only get more blatant & deeper into our votes.   That will include flipping votes.   Our opposition has been using what they've already learned to improve their future 'active measures'.   Do not doubt this.

Ø     America needs to restrict the number of people & contractors who have access to our highest levels of secrets.   We need to review & harden the storage of our secrets.    And we need to increase our investments in counter intelligence AND find ways to reestablish our previously close ties to other states intelligence operations.

Ø     America needs to find more some true patriots who have the skills for hacking.   As this is a war, America needs to be able to gain superiority in & using the tools of this war.  

Ø     America needs to build our own absolutely necessary war apparatus with our own  active measures in psychological messaging, disinformation & disruption.

This is very tall order of needs.   And far from complete.   But America is now engaged in World War 3.   Recognize it and Act.

America needs to re-find the will and the means to return America back to Our America that has been built, nurtured and sacrificed for over our entire history.   Let's get started.   There is no time to lose.   And hope and pray that Our America is not already past the point of no return.

Voter; Citizen


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Flag Day 2017

  June 14, 2017
[  Flag Day  2017  ]

Flag Day 2017

June 14, 2017

We've put small American flags out every year to celebrate Flag Day and our Independence Day.
But THIS year, America in under attack by a foreign power and we're losing the America 
Gail & jerryd have known all our lives.
So, this morning, we've added a 
3' x 5' American Flag on a 20' pole.
Be proud of our America & help #Resist our falling under the spells and control  of #Traitors & those willing to #SellOutAmerica

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Tipping Point....

...also known as The Point of No Return

An example.   If you follow the news, you've heard of cases where some idiot was glaring at his or her phone screen, texting with somebody else.  It gets to be news when the stroke is hiking in an area with a fatal drop off or other trouble, like walking in front of a speeding car.   So, instead of concentrating on what the fool is actually doing, their focus on the texting leads them to walk off a cliff or other disaster
....The Point of No Return

  • Too late to go back; 
  • Too late to recover; 
  • Too late to save yourself.

Regularly in the past, I've thought about that Point regarding climate change.   Science believes it.   Others think it's a hoax.   But, we see dramatic changes.   Glaciers melting.   It don't matter if it caused by humans or not: it is occurring.   So, prudence would suggest that we need to be mindful and take some precautions and actions in hopes to change the creep or to reverse it.   Some will blame it on camels emitting methane.   Buuuttt.   With Millions of vehicles on roads across the world, most using fossil fuels, that contribution to climate change can not be denied.  At least by over 190 countries in the world in the Paris Climate Accord.  Including China.   Only 3 countries oppose it, one now being the United States of America.   And even with all working towards changing it back, it will take decades to accomplish, getting worse all the while.

But, ya know, eventually, without corrective action, when it's too late to fix it, we've reached The Point of No Return or Tipping Point.   Too late to recover from it; by then it has a life of its own; no turning back.

Gradually we get up to the Point of No Return and then the rapid drop off occurs, like a negative bell shaped curve.   No going back.

And then, we have Today in America.

America, our rule of law, traditions, values, mores, alliances, expectations of a competent government, and fair & true elections are under constant attack.  Some attacks are by FumbleBucks in DC and some others using very sophisticated attacks, such as  psycho-cyber measures, and dark money from many directions.   This is moving America towards authoritarianism.

The current regime is merely 5 months old & look at the changes.   Starting with an admitted Liar as Prez.  Add to that the kakistocracy running America's government in DC.  If you Facebook you might want to look at Amy Siskind or find her on Twitter.   Her premise is that:  "Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember."   The first link will take you to Facebook for Week 30, with links to each of the previous 29 weeks.   The second link takes you to her Twitter account.

Tipping Point?   You decide.   More to come.