Thursday, July 27, 2017

Decisions Have Consequences

Every decision has its consequences.   Folks generally expect (hope) that their decisions will result in outcome they desire.   But frequently, decisions come with unintended consequences that turn out to result negative or very bad consequences.

Negative consequences are more likely if decisions, the pros and cons, are not thoroughly researched and carefully thought out.

Our America is under attack.   First, it was attacks on our election system by Russia, an outside government.   Today, America began to be under attack internally by Congress.   Today, Repubs in the Senate & House are calling the investigation into Russian hacking #FakeNews and are attacking #LawEnforcment and the @FBI and the #Mueller Special Counsel investigations.   

Our American government's decision-making is also in crisis.   Since January 20, 2017, Our America's decision making has been hap-hazard and worse.   Norms, customs and policies that have been carefully developed over 7 or more decades have tumbled down as irrelevant.   High-level decision makers in our government's #kakistocracy have regularly brought biases and conflicts of interest into their jobs and decision making.   [ A kakistocracy is a state or country run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens. ]

Some impacts:   Trade agreements? - nah.   Climate change? - nah.   Financial regulations? - nah.   NATO? - nah.   Immigrants? - nah.   Diplomacy? – nah.   Transgender? – Nah.   Nah, nah, nah: Don't want them; don't need them.

The fabric of Our America is being torn and continually deconstructed every single day.

Our #Unfit4Prez attacks people, organizations and policies at the drop of a hat, frequently in anger.   With those attacks come 'policy decisions' that are shot from the hip, with no consultation and no research.   No thought of what the ramifications nor negative outcomes that may accompany those 'policy decisions'.

Further, those decisions come from a mentally unstable person with a 3 year old mentality.   No sense of history; no sense of why old policies exist.   A guy that wandered blankly off in a meeting with Israel's leader; a guy who couldn't find his limo parked directly at the end of the steps of his plane & wandered off again.   No concern at all about this 'decider-in-charge.

That has created 'policy decisions' by Russian Roulette.   Each decision coming from one of the handful of most powerful people on Earth, has the ability to create a catastrophe, not only for Our America, but possibly the world as well.   So far, Our America has been lucky with this version of Russian Roulette.   But, eventually, someone will spin to the single live load and BOOM!   Disaster; catastrophe; the Point of No Return.

Two entities could possibly alter the course of Russian Roulette that Our America is on.   Unfortunately, neither is taking any immediate action to remove this cancer from Our America's Government.   While this cancer grows and metastasizes every single day.

First, the party in charge, the @GOP, now more properly called #SOAP: the Sold Out America Party has no interest in reigning in the continuing insanity.   They go along, bullied, afraid of their shrinking 'base' voters and some likely complicit or compromised.    They're willing to put up with their flip-flopping #FakePrez as long as they get SOME policy WINS!   So what if some of the 15 Million the @gop takes medical care from die?   Regardless of the impacts on Our America.   The GOP do have two solutions: the #25thAmendment, which allows for removal when the Prez is unfit and #Impeachment.

Second, is #LawEnforcement.   That includes Federal agencies: @FBI, @CIA, @ODNIgov, @NSA, @DefenseIntel, State Attorney Generals like New York's @AGSchneiderman and the Special Counsel, #Mueller.   The problems here are many.   The Special Counsel can be fired to end the investigation of the Russian attacks on our elections.   As reported to date, investigations involve individuals in or involved with our Government and numbers a dozen or more.   Investigations of companies in America and elsewhere number in the 10's, maybe up to 100 or so.   Investigations of other individuals related to the administration and companies numbers in the hundreds.   Thousands of leads need to be followed, and these leads increase with information gained through ongoing investigations.   If the goal is to complete all investigations before criminal charges are brought forward & made public, a decade or more may be needed.

All the while, our #NutBall, mentally deficient #ManChild President and his #kakistocracy continue the 'decision making' process of Russian Roulette.   Pushing Our America closer and closer to the Point of Now Return to complete disaster and catastrophe.

SO the choices, call them decisions, are:

@GOP:   Wake up; #GrowSome, #ManUp and start putting Our America first, not your agenda; not Russia; not this Russian Roulette insanity.   Unlikely after the start of attacks today.

#LawEnforcment:   HURRY!   Take a bite at a time; complete a few investigations to the point of bringing criminal charges to stop this Russian Roulette insanity.   Before the Point of No Return arrives, where ALL investigations will be moot.

A #MilitaryCoup or # CivilWar.

Capitulating to Russia.

Stop the madness.   Stop the insanity.   Before we reach the Point of No Return.   HURRY.   We owe it to Our America!

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