Monday, June 12, 2017

The Tipping Point....

...also known as The Point of No Return

An example.   If you follow the news, you've heard of cases where some idiot was glaring at his or her phone screen, texting with somebody else.  It gets to be news when the stroke is hiking in an area with a fatal drop off or other trouble, like walking in front of a speeding car.   So, instead of concentrating on what the fool is actually doing, their focus on the texting leads them to walk off a cliff or other disaster
....The Point of No Return

  • Too late to go back; 
  • Too late to recover; 
  • Too late to save yourself.

Regularly in the past, I've thought about that Point regarding climate change.   Science believes it.   Others think it's a hoax.   But, we see dramatic changes.   Glaciers melting.   It don't matter if it caused by humans or not: it is occurring.   So, prudence would suggest that we need to be mindful and take some precautions and actions in hopes to change the creep or to reverse it.   Some will blame it on camels emitting methane.   Buuuttt.   With Millions of vehicles on roads across the world, most using fossil fuels, that contribution to climate change can not be denied.  At least by over 190 countries in the world in the Paris Climate Accord.  Including China.   Only 3 countries oppose it, one now being the United States of America.   And even with all working towards changing it back, it will take decades to accomplish, getting worse all the while.

But, ya know, eventually, without corrective action, when it's too late to fix it, we've reached The Point of No Return or Tipping Point.   Too late to recover from it; by then it has a life of its own; no turning back.

Gradually we get up to the Point of No Return and then the rapid drop off occurs, like a negative bell shaped curve.   No going back.

And then, we have Today in America.

America, our rule of law, traditions, values, mores, alliances, expectations of a competent government, and fair & true elections are under constant attack.  Some attacks are by FumbleBucks in DC and some others using very sophisticated attacks, such as  psycho-cyber measures, and dark money from many directions.   This is moving America towards authoritarianism.

The current regime is merely 5 months old & look at the changes.   Starting with an admitted Liar as Prez.  Add to that the kakistocracy running America's government in DC.  If you Facebook you might want to look at Amy Siskind or find her on Twitter.   Her premise is that:  "Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember."   The first link will take you to Facebook for Week 30, with links to each of the previous 29 weeks.   The second link takes you to her Twitter account.

Tipping Point?   You decide.   More to come.

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