Friday, January 27, 2017

Why Even Have a Country in the First Place?

I noodle around the Internet pretty much daily.   Came across a couple of items on the Mother Jones Website.

One commentary by Rebecca Gordon caught my eye and has had a profound impact on me.   It's titled: "Why Even Have a Country in the First Place?
It is a long read, and you must read it here.

[  Another Blogsite which I've done for about 13 years has had about 2 dozen 'Must Reads' articles, or about two a year.   Here is the very first one on jerryd's blog bog.  ]

I'm old.   Never been someone called an 'activist'.   But.   The direction the State of Illinois has been headed for two years now, and the direction that our country America is headed now is unacceptable to me.   
Ms. Gordon's discussion requires me to do something.   I won't be here all that long.   But for others; younger folks; the next generations of folks.   So, I WILL get involved, working to get back to the Illinois and the America I know, remember and love.   Maybe you should too.   

I am not prepared to turn the country over to only white-males; not ready to turn the country over to bigots; white supremacists; not ready to turn the country over to intolerance of women; those of color; those who don't care about people in poverty; those hwo hate different religions; to bullys.   You get the idea.

WHAT DO WE WANT AMERICA TO BE?   It's up to us; but we must work for it.   Each of us.

We've lost civility in the USA.   Kids 'role models' - State and national governments and politicians act like bullys; like the only 'truth' is what they spew and believe.   Negotiation is no longer possible; not a solution.   Any different thought is worthless.  

I remember Everett Dirksen from IL; a true Statesman and here.   Now?   Gone, all gone.  Name a current Statesman; in IL or nationally.

We wonder why kids have no respect for others; for life at all.   What do they see everyday from our 'leaders'?   At every level?

We've now reached the stage of 'Alternate Facts' !!!!!   Sorry.   A fact is a fact.   No matter how someone spins it.

An Alternate Fact is .... wait for it ..... a lie.   It is NOT a simple matter of perspective.

Waterboarding is swell; cozying up so our Prez can be Putin's Puppy; a bunch of billionaires running IL and the country - clueless about everyday Americans;  clueless about government; clueless about negotiating and working with others; people in charge of OUR country coming in with positions that are abhorrent to the organizations they will 'lead' IS UNACCEPTABLE to me.

How about you?   Maybe it's time for a lot MORE of us to get involved.   Take the time.   Read the article.   

And, let me know.

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