Sunday, February 5, 2017

SNL & More

Well, if you are 'loving' the current USA Administration, about like me, check out a few recent Saturday Night Live videos:

Also, saw an article today the Unions are supporting the current #Unfit4Prez, #Prex6YearOld.   Here's a couple more.   But, then, Unions should keep in mind:

  •  The IL REPUB Gov has been attempting to kill off Public Employee Unions constantly for 2 years now.   #BillionaireBrucie is a totally inexperienced politician
  • The WI REPUB Gov drastically reduced collective bargaining rights for Public Employee Unions several years ago. 

  • The White House?   America  has another totally politically inexperienced REPUB #Stroke politician.   Just Like the IL Gov.  
  • Don't count your chickens quite yet, Union Members.

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