Thursday, January 5, 2017

DONE is now Semi-Retired

DONE was a Website for some IDOT Retirees in IL.   It closed down in November, 2016, but now has come back to life in another form.   Based on an email & some further thinking, it occurs that some IDOT related items still are relevant.   And may be of interest to some D1 Retirees.   So, DONE is going from being Done to Semi-Retired.   Info about Retirees, IDOT, transportation, pensions, insurance, budget, and things IL will be shown here. Come back & take a look if you used to visit DONE.

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  1. So glad DONE is now Semi-Retired! Happy New Year and thanks for all the time and work you do to keep it up. I will be following both DONE and your Blog!!


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