Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Our American Government

Here's a FEW of the recent items / shenanigans / illegal / treason / activities going on in America & in #Unfit4Prez's #Kakistocracy.

May 9, 2017

  • #Unfit4Prez fires FBI Director James Comey

May 10

  • Russians do Happy Dance in Oval Office with #Unfit4Prez grinning widely.   
  • Russians were invited there because Pukin asked #Unfit4Prez to do so.

May 11

  • In TV interview, #Unfit4Prez admits publicly that he fired Comey because of the Russia/Trump investigation.

May 15

  • Reports that #Unfit4Prez provided 'code-word' top secret, compartmentalized (only a handful of US citizens allowed with this info) intelligence to the Russians in the Oval Office.

May 16

  • #Unfit4Prez complains about leakers; obviously forgetting that HE leaked top secret intelligence to Russia.   
  • But, the #kakistocracy says it's OK, because if the Prez says it, it's no longer 'classified' !!!

May 17

  • The US Deputy Atty General (because the Attorney General appointed by #Unfit4Prez had to recuse himself) finally grew some & announced a Special Counsel to investigate Trump/Russia & other matters.
  • A secret recording with Paul Ryan described a house member saying he thought Russia was paying Trump.   The first response was that the conversation didn't occur.   Then, after they found out there was a recording, then it became 'just a bad joke'.

May 18

  • #Unfit4Prez told the Russians in the Oval Office that he fired Comey who was 'crazy, a nut job' and that firing him 'took the pressure off' #Unfit4Prez !

May 20

  • #Unfit4Prez bowed to the Saudi king to get a medal draped on him (which he bitched Obama out for doing) AND THEN, performed a cute little girl 'curtsy' !

May 22

  • After arriving in Israel, #Unfit4Prez states he just left the middle east to visit Israel.   Israel IS in the middle east.
  • The WH released a document that stated: Promote the possibility of lasting peach

And for good measure a link to the

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