Sunday, November 13, 2016

What was DONE?

If you just stumbled upon here & don't get the references to DONE, it was a 13 year running Website for Retiree's who worked at one location of a State of Illinois agency.   Was going to end at the end of 2016; but the day after the election is seemed a more appropriate time to end that Website.

I read a lot.   So, from time to time, you'll likely see a bunch of links to articles that I find interesting and/or enlightening.   This one is about an interview with Richard Branson.   Fast Company has an article by Anjali Mullany titled: "Richard Branson Is Ready To Take On Trump's "Worst Ideas"" which you can read here.   Quoting "The billionaire's thoughts on leading through crisis, looking death in the eye, & why he thinks his fellow 1%'ers should pay more tax."

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