Friday, November 18, 2016

$ 137,000,000 Per Year

After this year's elections, never before them, of course, The Governot in Illinois, Brucie Rauner, released his 2015 taxes report.   Of $188 Million in adjusted gross income, he CLEARED $137 MILLION.

The Governot claims to be IL's FULL TIME governor-in-name-only, so.....that $137 MILLION actually represents his RETIREMENT income for ONE YEAR.

Public service retirees in IL regularly get bashed for their 'overly-generous', 'lavish', and/or 'extravagant' pensions.

I suspect that VERY few IL government retirees, other than some higher level Managers, get anywhere CLOSE to 1/1000 of Ruiner's $137 Million, which would amount to $137,000 annually.

Ruiner?   A bastardized spelling of his name, Rauner.   Why?   Because he's on a one man mission to Ruin IL business & economy and put IL further and further into debt.

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