Saturday, November 12, 2016

Post Election

On November 9th, when DONE closed, I got a new a-hole ripped by a reader/former reader.   The gist was that I didn't name the Prez winner, but certainly would have if Clinton had won.   Actually, no.   By 11/9, EVERYBODY in America knew who won.   But, it was not and couldn't have been any secret which candidate I believed would move America forward with some sanity.

Not to be.   My problem after the election is that all the values I grew up with, and valued and cherished for a number of decades were smashed.   Americans who brought this
 result to America is not the America I have known.    And wanted to continue.

And, to somewhat support where I am at, mlive has an article by Aaron McMann titled: "Gregg Popovich the latest NBA coach to blast Donald Trump: 'We are Rome'" which you can read here.

So, we can hope and pray for a 'new' Prez elect who actually respects and values EVERY American.   WE ARE ALL PEOPLE.

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