Monday, November 28, 2016

Turning Back the Clock.....

.....on Generations of Progress

Over the last 3 or 4 generations, America has made a lot or progress.   Not enough in some cases, but progress none the less.

Now we're in to a era of wanting to turn back the clock on a lot of the progress that was painstakingly achieved over decades and decades.

Walker in WI has been trying this for about 4 years.   No new taxes, increase one tax must be made up for by decreasing another in like amount, eliminating collective bargaining.   And, by most accounts, WI is not much better off, if any at all, than before his Turn Back the Clock agenda.   Even some natives in his own party are getting restless; in this case transportation infrastructure funding.   Article here.

The Governot in IL, Ruiner, has been working on this for about 2 years.   Wanting to break the public employee Union, making voter registration more difficult, drastically reducing higher education funding, reducing or eliminating support for people in need, the elderly, the disabled, reducing wages & the middle class.   Wanting to make taxes 'friendly' for 1%'ers.   IL is close to breaking financially now; billions in unpaid bills.   Bond status for IL nearing junk.   IL is far worse than before this Turn Back the Clock.

Now, we have a #Unfit4Prez who is following the same Turn Back the Clock in many ways, based on his 'hires' for cabinet level positions.  Moving backwards on voting rights, women's rights, installing de-facto people with past racism, antisemitism, hatred, wanting to make taxes 'friendly' for 1%'ers, pushing religious intolerance, moving towards acceptance of  torture and going back towards many of the social diseases of America's past.   One of many articles is here.

And, #Unfit4Prez is constantly whining, yes, constantly, about most everyone and everything that doesn't constantly stroke his ego.

This is NOT the America I grew up with and have known for all the decades of my life.   This IS NOT my America.

God love us all.   And, remember America: Vigilance.   Keep watching every move; every decision & be ready to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD !!!!

Clay Bennett drawings are here and here and here.

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