Thursday, December 15, 2016

There's Still Time

We're getting close to the holidays.

  • Many kids, families and folks go to bed hungry every night.   
  • Too many kids will go without a present for Christmas.
  • Too many people are homeless & scrounge to find a place to stay before they freeze. 

We can help.   If you can find a few bucks, yes, I know, holiday spending, there are places that help the less fortunate.

  • Shove a few bucks in a red kettle.
  • Drop a few bucks off at your local church that serves meals or overnights some homeless.
  • Your local food pantries help the less fortunate in our communities and can make a few bucks go far.

Remember, we are all humans, regardless of our station or fortunes in life.

Our help can go a long way to easing others pain.   There is still time.   And, you will feel good about helping.   Here, in America.


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